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The first leaf falls at autumn come, a reminder of a life begun, of ages passed, a closing call, to winters fate that nears us all. Not of dying but of aging, a graceful float of colours changing, a reflection of an autumn soul, through to winds of covered snow. Truly life in recollection, in the colours of this spectrum, is indeed an aging time, of spirits mercy on our life. Blessed be the winds of change, may they come and go again. As today I gazed at Hyde Park trees, the falling of an autumn leaf, fell into my own two hands to make a prayer and make a stand. And in this prayer of cure I begged, the shades of grey to colour wed, as I held the leaf with hands at heart, asking spirit for another start. Little did I know, that the message was to grow, from a seed through a friend, to make a start and not the end.


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