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I live on the ice

And mostly its cold

And sometimes too warm

At least what I’m told

I’m a Bi-polar-bear

And sometimes I’m sad

Sometimes I’m happy

And sometimes I’m mad

Just like the ice

My heart seems to melt

With the waters rising

Everything’s felt

I’m pure emotion

Emotion can be

Overly sensitive

Overly free

You see on the Arctic

There’s not much to do

But I am an artist

All through and through

And sometimes when I

Am happy and sad

I make a painting

The penguins call mad

But I’m not afraid

Of their judging suits

I’m a bit different

Who cares, not confused

I’ll paint you a painting

Of how it could be

Life here on Earth

With both sides of me

I can be too high

I can be too low

I can be too fast

I can be too slow

I can be everything

Nothing at all

I’m a rainbow spectral

On your white whitened wall

And when I’m well balanced

The ice-bergs they shift

Freezing to land

Making home where I live

And when spring arrives

And the ice starts to drift

My humour will suddenly

Take a big lift

Up to the rays

Of the all shining sun

Where I’ll take off my fur

And rest there as one

The temperature rises

The ice melts away

I’m sorry but I am

Not here to stay

But like all the weather

Changes I know

The sun in the sky

Does not always glow

So when the leaf falls

And the winter breeze comes

I’ll put on my fur

And my cave will be done

My resting place

While all does get dark

A place for me

To feel sleepy at last

And when I awaken

I know there will be

A safe frozen harbour

Waiting for me

To paint and express

All that I am

A Bi-polar-bear

With all of the glam

My life is dazzling

Frozen and hot

I ask you simply

To forget me not

Polar bears are solitary

And rare to see

On the brink of extinction

Some say we will be

So be kind to Earth

And don’t heat it up

I still need the ground

For my habitat

A Bi-polar-bear

Is floating at sea

I’ll paint you a painting

Where all can be free


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