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I know Ive been stuck for a good bit of time

But I’d like to share this story of mine

How I rose up to meet on the stage

The stage of my life, the life I must save

They call me an artist but little I feel

To be an artist for me wasn’t real

So many a people are artists in life

And so very few are ever recognized

But deep inside my artist’s heart

I have resting in me a spark

One that ignites and speaks to the dead

Dead parts of me, of destruction I fed

A gentle voice, one that does care

That speaks to me and wishes to share

Believe you can write, sing and dance

It’s so natural, it’s like being in trance

A shaman, an artist, a worldly delight

Of everything I know that is to be right

Let go and feel what needs to be said

And maybe somewhere resurrect the dead

The dead parts of me that are holding me back

And the one single faith that brings me on track

You need to allow, yourself to just be

Utterly human, utterly free

It will all fall in place as soon as you go

Ahead with your art and pull up a show

Your wings were clipped but now they grow back

Soon you will fly and all they will clap

Simply inside where no one can see

Is the living breakthrough artist to be

It’s time to tell your story of life

Put it in books, paint, or sing

Express yourself with the love that you bring

Being an artist an artist is fun

And that joy of life affects everyone

Maybe some day, some day you’ll know

The impact you had of just letting go

The answers you find in leaving the show

To breakthrough each soul and forever behold

There’s one small thing I’ve forgotten to say

Thank you dear God for being this way

There is a way for all to be

Sharing inside, inside what’s free

I wish you luck and forever feel called

To breakthrough with art and touch the world.


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