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You leave me open

 Leave me dry

 You leave me thirsty

 Let me die

 Try to sit and find a way

 To live my life the way you say

 I start to vanish

 Start to cry

 Start to live

 And start to die

 And as I struggle to let go

 You leave me dangling

 For the show

 The stage is mine now

 I hear you sigh

 I sing, and dance, you watch me try

 Try to entertain myself

 Hold on to life

 And give it reason

 A reason that the spirit treason's

 But what I've seen has left me stunned

 What I am and what becomes?

 Detached from life and still complete

 A living spirit head and feet

 You take away all I am

 Say: make space and here I am

 How I wait in all this noise

 Just to be with your rejoice

 But you don't come

 Why I do not know?

 You leave me open, dry, and thirsty

 Come now I will go!


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