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To the travellers of this nation

To the dwellers in this time

There is an open door sensation

To the life that we call blind

Blinded by the darkness

Shadowed eyes do never fall

Upon a living love beside us

One that we can know it all

Travel inward my dear friend

Across body, space, and time

Find the path that goes within

Never is it far behind

Some say you live in the future

Others living in the past

Know that every moment

has the power if you ask

Travel if you must

but know that there is peace

Living in your heart

where all of us do meet

Some will call it love or God or energy,

It is the life force that we breathe

that can set each other free

I know that in a forest

A mighty tree there does stand

A tree so very awesome

that few do understand

Many names it has been given

Many stories there were told

About the tree of the forgiving

Of present, past and old

We all look to the future

Eagerly planning life ahead

But it’s in every moment

that we get our daily bread

So this year take it easy

Relax and find some peace

Because the truth is it’s too easy

To live just like a beast

Awaken from this slumber

And find the golden key

That opens all star-systems

And the future meant to be

Stargates activated

by the keepers of this time

no portals to begin with

my life forever thine.


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