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As I sit and disappear

And my moment draws me near

To the space in which I find

Nothing left behind.

All is done and sold

Metal turned to gold

Alchemy unfolds

Of riddles in the night

I didn’t hear you clearly

I couldn’t just let go

My heart it beat sincerely

But I guess you’ll never know

Poems they come easy

As I switch my ego off

It’s like living in the attick

Storing life up in the loft

And in the boxes dancing

Are my dreams and all desires

That once they are ignited

Turn like raging hot wildfires

The waters of emotion

Put out the yearning flame

To be something important

To make a worldly change

But nothing here can hear me

Except a gentle ear

I know I am transforming

And I soon will disappear.

But sooner than all later

I’ll find my way back home

Back to the creator

And no more on my own.


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