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Nowadays I live my life

Not knowing what to do

When suddenly it struck my head

to listen through and through

An inner child - a man at One

left a sign to me

Saying: "Live your life as if it were

a gift you give to me"

Who was this "me" that's talking?

Not seperate from myself?

It's the "me" that's walking!

Through this life I've felt

And all along was knowing

that as the only truth

Is the life I leave behind

Once I'm done and through

Cause in the end a place called God

A place for all our souls

Is the very place I give my gift

Of life until I'm old

So live your life as if it's grand

To live your life and take a stand

To play at night a one man band

For all the stars to see

You are simple you are one

But oh how true it is to me

That the only place that does exist

Is the place inside of me

For all the other lives out there

I say this only once

Live the life you wish to live

For its your gift when done.


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