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I have no one direction

Nothing draws me close

I’m drifitng in reflection

Turning into a mere ghost

Nothing can define me

Nothing can be real

Except for when I am writing

And I just follow the spiel

It’s easy there to let go

It’s easy to be one

With the beyond I’m used to

With the life that’s gone beyond

But why I am still waiting

For paradigms to change

Sending new vibrations

Into life that stays the same

New Age, Earth Grid, Breatharians,

Are all to say a few

Of lightworkers who are changing

Reality through you

I guess I’ll turn the pages

And find a white blank page

Of how life through the ages

Was projected and unnamed

No singular identity

nothing to make me real

Just full on simplicity

That comes from being still

One day I will wake up

On the other side

And people will ask me

How was your life’s ride?

And in sincerity

I know I will reply

It was hallucination

That made me laugh and cry

And once I’m done with sobbing

I will wake a brand new day

Where all of the creator

Is allowed to play

Play in bliss, and happiness

And all of joys great gifts

To rise again and live

With all the earthly twists

It’s time to work

It’s time to dance

It’s time for birds to sing

And some day I’ll be shown

What life I here did bring.


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