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When nothing seems to matter

And the world is all but chatter

And the spiritual mundane

Then you'll never be the same

No job, relation, purpose to fulfill

Except for more of nothing

To keep you in this world of ill

Renunciation is but mere pronunciation

Of a feeling you hold dear

Knowing that your ticket out

Is all but long from near

You wait, you sit, you meditate

You walk, restless through the town

Hoping you'll find something

That uplifts your soul-felt frown

Distract, get bored, and vegetate

Sleep, eat and mumble

As you you hear the voice from deep within:

"Wake up or you will tumble"

The news is blazé

The ignorance immense

The environments passé

And the spiritual intense

Yet no tradition, religion or following speaks out

To your heart, that breathes and wants to shout

Out to the Gods that hold you in prison

Out to the Brahman that set the division

Breathing the air of your own circumcision

There is no soul left but the one that is hidden

So, I guess you're still waiting

Waiting for what?

For your life to perish for these lines to stop

Maybe you still have something to give

And maybe it's as simple as saying: "Just live!"


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