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She is your wave.

​You come like a visitor from the sun

​The sky is clear now and you start to see

​The picture, the curtain the god that's in me.

​You come to undo all that is done

​The silence speaks clearly to follow the one

​The feeling of bliss, devotion and free.

​You my friend, your ego is loud

​The fear in you ripples my world

​The light in you is far too proud.

​You toss and turn, spin and twirl

​The life you live no lessons learnt

​The love you had is all but burnt

​But now your view has gone within

​A visitor to the One

​Blends with the desert sky so clear

​You chant in Sanskrit to your Sun

​All spheres, dimensions, places and spaces

​All shapes and forms, letters and faces

​Piercing through all colours and light

​Piercing through the dark, the night

​All concepts empty, void and full

​To be filled and emptied for the pull

​The pull towards a peaceful state

​One that I can truly perceive

​The illusion that the world's at stake

The true God that is taken by thieves

​You close your eyes and reconcile

​You close your eyes and feel

​The pain on which you now may smile

​The forgiveness that is real

​Love thyself dear child

​And know all love is felt

​By you and yes by all that's done

​These cards with which you're dealt

​A tool, a game a story

​To bring you back to God

​It's so easy to hear a single word

​And remember that you forgot

​Yes I will chant with you

​To every corner of your being

​For I am God and I am seeing

​What it is that you are freeing

​We'll chant a song for all to hear

​And come to visit me

​Travels faster than the sun:

​Om mani padme hum


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