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Leave a mountain by my side

Let the cold wind blow

Hold my hand and be a glide

As you now let go

I have spoken to your mother

She has told me how to speak

Now I know I’m not your lover

But you’ve found me at the peak

I may jump but I will glide

For the valley cannot hide

In the rivers by my side

I will always hold a rose

Take my hand and take my clothes

Naked I will fall

And in the holler of my noise

I will be a closing door

Free at last I hold myself

Not knowing who you are

But keeping every part of you

In every living star

There is always time for heaven

There is always time for hell

There is nothing new to tell you

But you recognize the smell

Its faint but strong in its own way

Reminding you of what it’s like to stay

Bound by life until we part

The mountain clinging to your heart

I take a leap of faith and plant

A rose inside your beating heart

And hope that some day I can feel

The resonance of perfume real

That faint but strong long lasting smell

The one you recognize as well

And as I glide up in the sky

I will hold you oh so tight

Don’t let go and come and glide

It’s time to meet me here inside.


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