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Way out in the forest

In a place called Amazon Is a river full of wonder

Where the stars do shine upon

There's lots of lights and glitter

Streaming in the sea Hi my name is pink

Will you come and swim with me?

Let's dive into the ocean

And sing with all the whales Come and meet the mermaids

And lets drink fairy tales

I'm looking for Dolphina

She's green but looks like me? She loves to eat her kelp

That's why she's green you see? Oh said riding seahorse

She's swimming near the sand! The place between the oceans

The life force of the lands! So pink took a deep breathe

And dived into the sea, Making clicking noises

And feeling really free

The night blanket had covered

The whole forest with the stars The silence there was wondrous

And the colours shone from mars Pink was in the river

And Dolphina was there too But they couldn't find each other

Even looking through and through So, out up from the sky

The giant turtle rose With his rainbow coloured shell

And a starfish on his nose He spoke: “In silence I see clearly

the light with which you start So use it as a lantern

To find each others heart” Then Pink and Dolphina

Shone among the stars Swimming up the river  

And in each others arms


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