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There’s a mask on the world

That no one can see

Except for a few

Yes, that’s you and me

It comes from the jungle

A forest so deep

That looking at it

Sends people to sleep

And when they awaken

On the ancestral plane

They uncover the mask

And are never the same

Behind the mask on Earth

Which is covered in space

Is the majestic soul

Of a Puma face

Oh, how she rises

Throughout all time

The soul of the world

On a moon silver line

She’s bold and she’s soft

A Goddess she is

The earth at heart

Where Puma face lives

Because Pumas are graceful

Mysterious and wise

That’s the story of Earth

That is no surprise

Behind every mask

Is a Puma that’s strong

It’s the spirit of Earth

To whom we belong

And who would have thought

That this gentle soul

Would tell us the story

Of young, aged and old

Unlocking the dreams

Awakened in Earth

That beat with the rhythm

Of each Pumas’ birth

She’s vibrant , alive

And very alert

The Earth is a Puma

In a starlight desert

Her paws leave a print

On each heartbeat you hear

Until the last day

When we all disappear

She’s a Puma face

She’s everything true

The Spirit of Earth

Which you know to be you


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