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The rains, the rivers and the oceans

Keep a whisper deep inside

To walk upon rough waters

All emotions


A man once spoke gently

To his fellow man said:

“you can walk over this water

Touching desert seeds instead”

The fellow man was anguished

And did not understand

He opened up in mercy

Finding seeds within his hands

“Put them in the ground

And sure the rains will come”

A man once whispered gently

Knowing where he’s from

The seeds were a mere gift

From the bottom ocean floor

That when emotions lift

To find a desert will once more

To understand this fable

Look inside above

And see that in each seed

Lays the code of real love

The fellow man had finally got it

And threw his hands up in the air

It was the seeds of love within him

That from his hands he was to share

The seeds of his reality

rose up into the sky

and floated oh so gently

like the voice that cannot hide

They landed in the ocean

And to the floor they played a tune

Waiting for the desert

To bloom again upon full moon

The oceans, the rivers, and the rains

Roar far out above

To dive into the water

And reap the seeds of love!


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