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Now here’s a story for you to compute

About a robot whose name was electro cute

Electrifyingly special and shockingly sweet

There was something about him you’d just want to meet

Always at hand and ready to serve

Electro cute gave what you deserved

All plugged in with batteries full

He never found a binary dull

Zeros and ones is what he loved above all

Until one day it actually meant nothing at all

He once asked the zero what was the sky without sun

And the zero replied simply but none

Then he asked the one what was cloud without rain

And the one answered it is one and the same

It didn’t make sense at all to mr. electro cute

There was something about it he had to refute

So, for the very first time he put zero and one together

And to his surprise the result lived forever

Like sunshine and rain together at sky

The zeros and ones took on a new light

Shining a rainbow into binary life

The zero and one became husband and wife

Electro cute was proud to be

The robot that set the rainbow free


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