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Here is something that I need to write

It’s about our planet and what I would like

As a rainbow warrior I come in Peace

Sending and showing no tricks up my sleave

We all have a blueprint, a guide to what’s nice

I remind myself constantly far more than twice

It’s a cake we all share where all get a slice

It’s starts at the poles with our melting ice

Maybe at first you cannot remember

You’re programmed too docile and don’t have a temper

A temper is good when its healed it finds focus

Have you seen the fields covered in locusts?

I guess there’s a rhythm, a rhythm in time

Where all have a space to relax and unwind

In stillness and grace we all come to peace

Where breatharians meet to celebrate their feast

A feast based on harmony, love and collection

Of non-harmful ways, of non-destructive connection

A higher frequency in our creation

A blueprint a guide far beyond all of nations

No division, or fighting , no war and no system

No organization, no clothes and no resistance

No computers, or phones or internet to distance

No electricity, no cities, no necessary shelter

Hold on tight mother earth have you felt her

She’s playing a tune one for all us to feel, that living in ignorance is very real

A rainbow warrior I’m meant to be,

I’ll keep on creating from under my tree

In the garden you’ll find me, flying and floating,

Talking to beings that will never hurt you

I guess there’s a way that all just can be

Where we all come together, where we all can be free

A rainbow warrior starts, starts from within,

changes are made where we all begin

To see our downfalls and work on the field

The energy flowing to what now is real

You can flip frequency, you can create,

and the more you believe, the more you reach your fate

Hate, fear and anger all dissipate

As you confront yourself and just meditate

An intervention is coming, but one of the soul

The mind will go quiet and the body will glow

Thanks to this process that everyone knows

That they are the pieces of one cosmic soul

Soon we’ll be riding the prayers in the wind

And we will see in all that we’ve sinned

That there is no karma, only You are true

The life you’ve lived and the knowing of You

So come my dear friend and carry the bow

I’ll be an arrow and put on a show

But people will see that there’s nowhere to go,

except for the land , the land we all know

This secret dream we carry inside,

is what keeps us safe, it’s what cannot hide

And in this discovery of the divine,

there’s a little something that is not mine,

So I’ll give it to you beyond all space and time

You know what it is you’ve always known,

It’s you my dear friend who have been mistold

Create your energy, your world , your light

And hold up the torches far and long bright

The castle is empty

No king and no queen

Believe in yourself, you are still unseen

So tare down the castle and make a new home

One that this earth deserves to explore

Throw out the system inside of yourself

and live in this world spreading the wealth

The wealth that you carry as a rainbow light

It’s time for peace not time for fight

Your world will change from deep inside

This is the message the one I abide

So please rainbow warrior know that it’s you

Who come in duality to transform all through

The middle way your glorious light

Of colours array all in plain sight

The only fight that you might have

fighting with what is for yours to be had

So put on a fight a warrior you are

your starseeded friends are among the stars

Your divine blueprint will guide you home,

in this world my friend and others to come.


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