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She is your wave.

​She moves with the ocean.

​She is the height of your emotion.

​She is the surf and is the depth.

​She is the movement that you've met.

​She is a ripple of space and time.

​She is the white horse with which you climb.

​She is the force that will collide.

​She is the prophecy of the inner child.

​She is the birth of her beginning.

​She is the moment of your giving.

​She is the light, the sound the word.

​She is the wave that saves your world.

He is your desert.

​He is the sand.

​He is the promise.

​He is the hand.

​He is the oasis.

​He is the well.

​He is the wish fulfilling grail.

​He is the dune.

​He is the shade.

​He is the date.

​He is the fruit.

​He is the wind that plays the flute.

​He is the midnight fairytale.

A wave will come in motions. A desert walks alone.

Through trials and tribulations nothing is your own. Behold the monsoon is coming to rain upon the sand, and move with tiding rivers waves upon the land. Some flowers there will blossom, some in May some in July, know that love awakens and never question why.

At the bottom of the ocean rests the sand that you hear speak:

Only a quiet ocean holds the truth that you both seek - love will set you free.


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