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A New Earth was rising

But there was no song

And everyone knew

That something was wrong

We looked at the skies

Calling for help

This is the story Of The Lovebears we felt…

They came incarnated

Born here on Earth

As Starseeds from planets

That we’ve never heard

They came here as visitors

With a very big job

To kick start New Earth

And to spread the love

But something was missing

Scattered they were

Among many tribes

Of the world did they stir

They needed direction

And something to sing

The song of New Earth

For all here to bring

Indigo, Crsytal

Rainbow too

And Butterfly people

Were all but the new

They all had great gifts

And all had their song

But they needed a tune

To change what was wrong

Then out of a realm

From a distant cloud

Shown forth The Lovebears

Roaring out loud:

“Sing from the hear

And all then will find

The New Earth magic

That all of you binds”

So all of the tribes

Held their hands on their heart

Hearing the song

That they needed at last

In one giant voice

Out came the song

And everything wrong

Was all made undone

A New Earth was born

And The Lovebears they smiled

As they saw the song

In every child

Young, aged and old

They all lived as One

A lovebear vibration

Under the sun


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