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I try to follow you

I try and then I fail

I try to obey you

And uncover

The veil

I try and yet I wonder

How it is that I will learn

Which way you throw the thunder?

Which way you take your turn?

It's easy to be hindered

By a kind unlikened mind

It's easy to be kindled

Like a wood that's set on fire

Your pain is all but hurting

Too numb you are to feel

And yet you keep on beating

Beating up what's real

Let go of yourself

Let go of desire

Let go of your dreams

Let go of your fire

I am who you are

So come step out the way

Find that in your dying

New life awaits the day

So listen to an angel

Or listen to my voice

It doesn't really matter

What the outcome

It's your choice

But do not dare to paint me

With colours of your mark

For I will come and find you

Step here closely from your dark

Dark and darkened days

Eclipsed by the sun

You know three words I've spoken

Done, finished, come!

And without expectations

Come and marry me

I'll take you as my bride

For all the world to see

You are my encounter

You are but my soul

Together we will climb

And make this pain our own.


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