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Help me become what you are

Shining helper from the star

Shining full in the new moon

Help me Starchild help me soon

Lovers holding hands at noon

By the shoreline of the sun

Eclipsed by the darkened face

Lovers laying down their guns

Beneath the heavens that rotate

In your essence hold the stars

Know you're always touched by fate

Beneath the the truth of who you are

Now departure out of pain!

Unconditional it was not!

Fill your cup and hold no shame!

Now empty all your tired knots!

Have I gone to fetch my self?

Or have I come to find the truth?

Have I left to heal my faith?

Or have I arrived to greet but you?

As I set in intention

To become the same

To see your reflection

Is to see in full the flame

You are but a mirror

One that I cannot see

It's saying son you're perfect

If you come and look at me.


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